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It’s happened to the best of us. Whether it’s file corruption, a power outage, or other Celestial Acts, at some point we’ve all questioned the integrity of our data.

We have an easy solution: The Integrity Check.

The Integrity Check is a powerful process that runs over 4,000 queries across multiple applications and flag any issues. You receive one report that not only shows any flags, but details exactly where the problem lies. Integrity Check flags are scored for criticality and troubleshooting tips are available for each flag type to assist in correcting them. Never again will you have to run a manual report to cross-check your data.

Use The Integrity Check once a year, once a quarter, or once a month – however often you need for that peace of mind: your data is solid, your numbers are correct.


  • Performs more than 4,000 queries.
  • Reconciles across multiple applications.
  • Scores flags for criticality.
  • Gives troubleshooting tips for each flag type.
  • Identifes new, changed, existing, and cleared statuses with each successive check.
  • Generates multi-tiered drop down menus to quickly identify and access flags.
  • Isolates the specific record where the flag occured, right down to account, job, cost code, invoice, batch, etc.


Call 503.855.3446 to schedule your Integrity Check today!